Ray Bradbury in Santa Monica June 13, 2009

This was my second attempt to see Ray Bradbury at this location, and Bill’s third, maybe fourth. But Ray is just too good of a draw for the size and design of the room they use! Last year, not only could we not get in because of the wall to wall people, but it was a hot day, and approaching the doors, you could actually feel a moist wall of heat emanating from the room! EEEWWW! And don’t think poor Mr. Bradbury was unaffected by that sticky, awful heat… ending the signing soon after it began.

So this year, we were not optimistic as we rode the escalator to the second floor… but it was unseasonably cool for Los Angeles that day. Okay, we couldn’t actually get in the room (like last year) but we did loiter by the door off and on between browsing, catching bits and pieces of Mr. Bradbury’s talk. At one point I heard him discussing America, that even with the problems we have, this is the greatest country in the world. High five to that! But yes, that familiar wall of wet heat was again beginning to pour out of that room (which was originally built for a Software Etc, not large groups of sweaty people!).

Ray ended his talk quickly and the crowd thinned somewhat as the signing line formed. That cooled it down considerably. Bill and I finally squeezed in and spotted John standing near Ray, keeping a close eye on things. We had a Russian copy of Fahrenheit 451 and a Swedish copy of Something Wicked This Way Comes for Ray to sign (and yes, he liked them!). Here we are with Mr. Bradbury. :)

We chatted with Eric for a couple minutes about upcoming Bradbury plays we’re all looking forward to seeing before the staff shooed us out the door.

It was a nice day so close to the beach, but we had to hurry home and get ready for a chocolate chip baking contest/birthday party (don’t ask) for our friend Sandy. So we jumped in the Pathfinder and headed away from the breaking ocean waves into West Los Angeles.

Until our next adventure…

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