Ray Bradbury’s 89th Birthday Party and
Fremont Centre Theatre August 22, 2009

Bookfellows pulled off yet another wonderful birthday party for Mr. Ray Bradbury. Our dear Ray is now 89 years young! Bill and I had purchased our copies of Fahrenheit 451 – The Authorized Adaptation (graphic novel) in advance, and that was a good thing… By the time we arrived yesterday afternoon, there was absolutely no hope of getting in the door! We waited outside in the 95 degree and oddly humid, overcast weather until many adoring fans had said their congratulations and best wishes to our famous author and playwright. Malcolm and Christine were amazed at the turn out – around 300 it was estimated (way too many for their bookstore)! Ray’s birthday cake this year was a giant pumpkin wearing glasses! Once the signing began, John managed to get some of the folks to migrate to the upstairs area and many moved outside onto the Brand Avenue sidewalk in Glendale to make way for the long line forming to see Ray. At that point, Bill and I wedged inside to the register and Mysterious Galaxy’s manager Patrick, who was lending a helping hand, gave us our pre-purchased books and YEAH we were numbers 9 and 10. Otherwise, I thought I was going to melt!

Needless to say, we were done quickly and got the hell out of the way for everyone else! Outside we took a couple shots of George Clayton Johnson, William Nolan, Earl Hamner Jr and several others. The five living Twilight Zone authors are George, William, Earl, Ray, and Richard Matheson… so four of the five were at this party!

Later that evening, Bill and I traveled to South Pasadena’s Fremont Centre Theatre to enjoy the performance of Ray Bradbury’s Yestermorrows. Arriving a little early, we presented Ray with his birthday gift (it was the kids book he had asked Bill for at the Monrovia Library signing – Bill found him a copy!) Ray’s huge birthday card from earlier was delivered and others added their well wishes for Mr. Bradbury. Soon we were ushered inside the deliciously cool auditorium for the 3 delightful performances of Yestermorrows: A Device Out of Time, Cistern and The Meadow. But first, Santiago brought Ray on stage and we all sang a rousing Happy Birthday to You as he was presented with an incredible birthday cake decorated with previous Fremont plays. After the performances, we had more books signed then lounged on the quaint outdoor patio for cake and drinks. But the hot day had drained us so before long we climbed in the air conditioned Pathfinder to make our way west toward home.

Happy Birthday, Dearest Ray, and many many more!

Until our next adventure…

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