Angie Sage Author of Septimus Heap Series
October 8, 2009

Believe in the MAGYK!

Angie Sage, creator of the Magyk world of Septimus Heap and Araminta Spookie series, was an absolute delight last Thursday evening at Vroman’s. Born in London, this cute little lady with a wild imagination shared some of her life with us… how she owns a boat named Muriel (where she does a lot of her writing) and before becoming a writer she made a living as an illustrator. When asked why she didn’t illustrate Septimus herself, she said, oh no, my own drawings are for younger children’s books and are quite “chunky”. Angie was thrilled when she first met Mark Zug and admired his portfolio brimming with delicate, detailed fantasy art. She knew immediately he was the one for Septimus Heap.

The world of Septimus is not limited to paper… the first few books in the series come with CD’s, and there are games on line where you can win real prizes! Huzzah!

Angie and her husband live in a very old house in a small village in the West of England, which she says is quite magykal with marshes, ruined castles and ancient ports. What a perfect place to create the world of Septimus! (She didn’t mention any “badlands”, but I’m sure you could find them if you look). When they bought their house, they were told it has a secret tunnel leading to the village church. So far, they have not found any passageways, but there is a mysterious 5 foot thick wall that seems to have no purpose. So maybe, they’ll get a drill, and a tiny camera, and investigate. She exclaimed (in her heavy English accent), “What if we found a tunnel, wouldn’t that be brilliant!!”

Angie is on tour for the recently released Syren, 5th book in the series. She read a piece to us before the signing began.

We discovered the title page of Magykal Papers is particularly shiny and even the sharpie took its time drying. Here we took turns holding all the books open until they dried! Since Angie is a fellow magician in her own right (well, in her case, magykian) Bill pulled out his cards and they shared a magyk trick. Here Angie pulls a card, then mentally projects it to Bill. Brilliant!

Bill and I had gone straight to Pasadena from work, so as we headed south toward the freeway, we spotted Margarita Jones and stopped for some dinner. No margaritas for me, but the food was great! (Cool fantasy fountain.) It was dark as we headed home to West Los Angeles, knowing we were going to see Michael Scott in less than 24 hours!

Until our next magykal adventure…

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