31st Annual Vintage Paperback Collectors Show & Sale March 21, 2010


This busy show presented by Black Ace Books packs a punch for paperback fans. The Guest House Inn in Mission Hills has sort of an odd layout for the heavily stocked dealers tables overlapping author signing lines, but with the three separate rooms allotted for the show, they just have to “make it work”! The fans don’t seem to mind though as they shop for vintage books and other collectibles. Bill absolutely loves the pulp covers (old movies too, my old-fashioned kinda guy…).

First up for us was John DeChancie right at 10 am, who was busy signing boxes of books. Hum, maybe he should come out of the woodwork more often… Soon after we ran into the delightful Tim and Serena Powers. Okay, the back story is I saw Bill and Tim together, then I looked up and Bill had vanished. Poof. Puzzled, I looked around the room, and not finding him, I walked out to the hall, where I saw Serena on her cell phone about to call her lost husband. She asked me, “have you seen Tim?” Ah, yes, now THAT I can do. I delivered her to Tim (who unlike Bill hadn’t moved far). Problem solved. But I was still missing MY husband, so she promised to return the favor. I laughed, thinking she was joking, and headed for another room in the show to find Bill. A few minutes later I was near the main signing area, and here comes Serena, towing Bill… by the earlobe. She was so happy – “I FOUND him!” Man, she’s good. Here we are all reunited…

Bill Wu with Tim and Serena Powers

We had books and DVDs for Peter S. Beagle, William F. Nolan, Larry Niven, George Clayton Johnson, Barbara Hambly, Don Glut, Richard Lupoff, Jack Ketchem & Pete Atkins to name a few. Here’s Jason Brock, editor of The Bleeding Edge Anthology with Bill Nolan.

William F. Nolan and Jason Brock

Ray Bradbury unfortunately had to cancel again this year. John told us he’s not ill, but he did pull a leg muscle and is bored and housebound. But a word to the wise, Bill and I are noticing due to various situations, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to get Mr. Bradbury’s signature. So if you own signed Bradbury books – treasure them.

Click here to see all the photos, but here’s a parting shot of the busy paperback and collectible show!

Paperback Show 2010

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Until our next vintage adventure…

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