Christopher Moore at Vroman’s Bookstore Pasadena April 9, 2010

Bite Me!


Yep Christopher Moore bites again! A huge crowd packed the upstairs signing area at Vroman’s Bookstore last Friday evening to hear the quirky, hilarious author and of course, have new copies of Bite Me signed. And a few lucky fans won Bite Me t-shirts!

Christopher Moore

Bestselling author Christopher Moore is an outrageously kooky and funny speaker, using much colorful language to spin his stories. Author of twelve novels, including the international bestsellers, Lamb, A Dirty Job, You Suck, The Stupidest Angel, Fool and his latest Bite Me, is part three of the vampire trilogy. Someone asked if he was wrapping up his vampire stories because of Stephanie Meyer and he guffawed. Um, no. He assured us he is not the least bit intimidated by the success of YA books written for love-sick high school girls (and their moms). Not exactly his target audience. This was followed by a fairly disturbing analogy that in HIS books you get more dog for your money compared to say, Marley and me. Seriously! “Now,” Mr. Moore pointed out, “Marley, clearly, is NOT immortal” (generating a giant wail from the audience), “you only get ONE dog, but in Bite Me you get not only one, but TWO, IMmortal, shape shifting Foo dogs!” (More fang for your buck, eh?) I know, teensy bit sick. But funny.

There were so many fans jammed upstairs that when it came time to start the signing, our t-shirt raffle tix efficiently transformed into our stand in line tix, and the Vroman’s staff expertly called us in manageable sized groups. (Guess they’ve done this a time or two.) When our tix were finally called, Bill hung in line with fellow book hunters Mark the Ogre and Professor Dave before having many books signed.

Christopher Moore signs Bite Me

It was a fun evening, in a wrong sort of way, and after a lot of lol and browsing in the wonderful Old Town Pasadena bookstore Bill and I finally headed back to West Los Angeles in our faithful green pathfinder.

Until our next bloody adventure…

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