Seth Grahame-Smith at the Mystery Bookstore
April 10, 2010

Seth Grahame-Smith book covers

I hope the cover art on these books raises an eyebrow or two for you like they do for me… I mean, yikes. Now, Bill loves zombie stuff, so naturally he loves producer and author Seth Grahame-Smith! Seth is a down to earth, likable guy, but zombies are so not my thing. :P

The Mystery Bookstore welcomed the talented best selling author last Saturday to sign lots of stock while chatting with his fans. Mr. Grahame-Smith is also a TV and film writer, got in the “biz” from the bottom delivering mail and such until one day the company got in a crunch and recruited him to help write. The rest, as they say, is American history.

Seth Grahame-Smith

It was a pretty straightforward approach how Seth got the idea for Lincoln Vampire Hunter – at the time he was looking for an idea, the best selling books were about vampires and… the life of Abraham Lincoln. Now, most people would not have made that leap, but most people are not Seth! Personally, I struggle with that book too. I mean, being 16th president of the United States during the freaking American Civil War was not enough? The man could not be anymore of a hero… but now he’s in league with… Buffy? In all fairness, I haven’t read it, and Bill and many other fans are gobbling it up, so don’t listen to me. My cramped eyebrows are permanently raised until I finish this blog and move on. I’ll ask Mr. Wu himself to add a footnote at the end of this entry. Did I mention I really like Seth, you know, as a person? :)

When asked what he’s working on now, he talked about projects that are a bit more long term and sustainable rather than more pop sensation material. The man has a good head for business maybe since both his parents are in the business. We wish him all the success! I’ll just be happy when I don’t have to see drippy skin zombie covers all over the bookstores anymore. Ewe.

Until our next flesh eating adventure…

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