Charlaine Harris Author of the True Blood Novels at The Grove May 10, 2010


I wanna do bad things with you…!

If you don’t recognize that naughty lil tune, you must not be a TRUE True Blood fan. But for Charlaine Harris, it was an authors’ dream come “true” when HBO made the first novel of her vampire series Dead Until Dark into the successful bloody, sexy TV show. Fans will enjoy more adventures of Sookie Stackhouse next month with season 3 while Ms. Harris continues to pump out more books.

The TV show doesn’t follow the books closely anymore, but all the more fun for fans who read and view everything! Trust me, I’ve heard the elaborate comparisons and speculations from my fan friends… it’s not that I’m not a fan, but all the blood drinking stuff goes over the top for me! Speaking of comparisons, in Joss Whedon’s show (Buffy), you stake a vamp and poof, it dissipates into a cloud of dust. No mess. You stake a vamp in True Blood, it explodes into a pulpy, fleshy ejaculating blood fountain… I mean, ewe. Dust good. Fountain bad. Gag even. And last season there was that demon goddess creature who conjured black-eyed possessed orgies… eh, me turned off. But I’m still “sucked” into the enduring romance of telepathic deep south and all around good gal Sookie and her stoic beau-friend Vampire Bill… and what’s up with irresistibly bad boy Eric? Heh heh…

Charlaine was delighted by the huge crowd which turned out at The Grove last Monday night to meet her and have their newest book Dead in the Family – Book 10 signed. We couldn’t get close enough to hear her brief talk on the bookstore’s third floor, (hence my lame paparazzi shot through the glass of the kids area!) so we let the staff guide us down to the second floor to wait toward the end of the GINORMOUS line.



Sigh. Three freaking hours to get our books signed. But it was okay. Charlaine was having such a great time, and she signed anything her fans brought, no limits, wrote out every personalization and took photos whenever requested. Okay, yeah, that does slow a line down, but she did all that for us too! (She had really efficient helpers). And she is so sweet!! Just look at her signing Bill’s many books. Love her!


We did have fun, but I was sure glad to climb back in our green Pathfinder (with our bags-o-books) and head west for home. It was a school night and it was late (for me!).

Until our next truly bloody adventure!

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