Writers of the Future in Pasadena
August 29, 2010

Writers of the Future event 2010

It’s that time of year again! The Writers of the Future and Illustrators of the Future hold an annual contest… short stories from the winners are selected around the world and published in the annual Writers of the Future anthology with illustrations by new talented artists. Click here to catch up on the history of the contest.

Judges, winning writers and illustrators were arranged around the tables last Sunday in Borders bookstore in Pasadena. Bill started on one end of the horseshoe shaped layout with KD Wentworth and ended with Rebecca Moesta & Kevin Anderson on the other. Here we go!

Writers of the Future 2010
Writers of the Future 2010

KD Wentworth, Laurie Tom, Irena Kovalenko, Dave Wolverton, Lael Salaets, Ven Locklear, Robert Sawyer, Alex Black, Tyler Carter, RM Winch, Ron Lindahn, Val Lakey Lindahn, Nina Hoffman, Tom Crosshill, Olivia Pelaez, Brad Torgersen, Eric Kotani, Jingxuan Hu, Scott Baker, Kelsey Wroten, Eric Flint, Todd McCaffrey, Simon Cooper, Steven Savile, Brent Knowles, Rebecca Gleason, Ken Scholes, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Tim Powers, Paula Stiles, Jeff Young, Rachel Sweeney, Seth Rowanwood, Jason Fischer, Rebecca Moesta and finally Kevin Anderson. Whew!!

Judge Larry Niven
Larry Niven

Judges Jerry Pournelle and Tim Powers

Jerry Pournelle and Tim Powers

Of course, our BFF Serena Powers was there to cheer on her husband Tim Powers, so Bill whipped out his cards to show her a magic trick or two. It wasn’t long before there was a curious lil crowd gathered around my magician.

Bill does a little magic

It was a fun afternoon, but quite tiring as you can imagine. As things started to wind down Serena asked Tim to draw some pirates for Bill. Awww! They turned out really bad ass too. :)

Tim draw pirates for Bill

Why pirates? Well, in case you didn’t hear, the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie is based on Tim’s book On Stranger Tides. How cool is that!

Until our next future adventure…

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