Ariana Wells signing at The Book Ladies
October 24, 2010

Ariana Wells author of The Emerald Sorceress

Fantasy writer Ariana Wells, author of The Emerald Sorceress, made her debut at The Book Ladies last weekend. Me-n-my peeps rendezvoused in Mira Loma for Ms. Wells’ first book signing and found ourselves completely immersed in books and well, ladies. :)

Book signing at The Book Ladies Mira Loma

Since meeting Bill, I’ve been to many books signings, but this one was special for me. I met Ariana Wells about (cough cough, clearing throat) years ago, when I was about 19. We were both taking voice lessons from the same guy, and started an oldies rock band we called “Chick-a-Boom”. K – let’s not go there. But she lured me into reading fantasy and we started experimenting with writing our own stuff, mailing ideas back and forth to each other (okay you young thangs – there WAS NO EMAIL BACK THEN) (and snickering will not be tolerated). The next thing I know, she’s procured her own PC and pumped out this delightful story about a feisty young sorceress (who has no clue she’s a sorceress) living happily in beautiful Santa Monica, California. Well, until the nightmares begin, and her whole life turns upside down. Ms. Wells spent some quality time tweaking her masterpiece, but it’s finally available. To the public. For real. Loaded with silly, dry humor, any fantasy fan, or feisty lady, will enjoy this book.

Ariana Wells signs a copy of her book
Ariana Wells signs The Emerald Sorceress

Here’s why I love this picture. Other than the fact that my talented friend is signing a copy of her new book at a book signing at a book store. She’s going to kill me when she reads this… but check the ginormous drink next to the book. As long as I’ve known her, she’s has ALWAYS had a drink, that size, within reach. No wimpy lil’ 12 ounce suckers for this gal… but mega size baby. When I was taking these shots, I almost moved it, cuz, it’s so huge it’s like, blocking the book. Then I thought, oh hell no. It’s SO her. Freaking trade mark. So now the story is out. Kinda reminds me of Abby in NCIS. In more than one way, actually.

So now I am finally reading The Emerald Sorceress like an actual paying customer… you know, in order, beginning to end, all nicely edited and stuff. It’s really fun. I’ve read a few pieces of this story, um, NOT in order, over the years (and nit picking what I saw, just a little. What?) I remember one email I got from her in response to my comments… she wrote: “YOU SUCK”. Ariana loves me, really she does. (Heh heh).

Oh, and Ms. Wells is part Chippewa, by the way. She creates magical things with beads… Jewelry, dream catchers, etc. Check out the elegant prize she raffled off… yow-zer!

So if you need a sorceress necklace of your own, come to her room party and book signing at LosCon this year for a chance to win one! Or go to her etsy store at Moon Hawk Creations

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Until the next fantasy adventure…

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