LosCon 2010

A-nutter LosCon!

But this year was DARK Loscon featuring a steampunk theme. Oh, and just tossing out our usual “con disclaimer” that this is not intended to be an “official” LosCon write up – just Bill and me hanging out and having fun. As you know we tend to focus on the books books books Baby!

Dark LosCon dealer's room

LosCon is organized each year by The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) of which I am a life member. Meetings are every Thursday in the clubhouse for official business and for all unofficial business there’s the after-meeting (lately at the Coral Cafe in Burbank).

We were not vendors in the dealer’s room this time but there were plenty of book signings to keep us moving.

Larry Niven
Larry Niven

Barbara Hambly
Barbara Hambly

Emma Bull and Will Shetterly
Emma Bull and Will Shetterly

Don Glut
Don Glut

Not to mention the REAL reason for coming to LosCon… hanging out with good friends and of course, lots of magic! Bill and Ken dazzled Tim and Serena Powers on Friday evening…! LosCon is always the weekend after Thanksgiving, giving us time to digest our big celebration and be thankful for another blessed year with our friends and family.

Bill and Ken do magic for Tim and Serena Powers

Saturday was busy for us in that our friend Ariana Wells, author of The Emerald Sorceress, had her own book signing and Moon Hawk Creations jewelry sale in her room party. What’s a party without cake? Lots of cake!!! (Okay so I went a little overboard.) Ms. Wells signed books and sold jewelry after filling fans up with emerald frosting. Go Green!

The Emerald Sorceress by Ariana Wells

Moon Hawk Creations jewelry

The left over cake made it to the con suite… but didn’t last long. Fans = piranha.

Cake all gone...

Sunday we wrapped up with more Tim Powers. Looking forward to next year!!

Tim Powers

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Just a note about our dear friend Hazel… I used to think those big fuzzy ears he has were a costume. Then I met his parents and they BOTH have them. Clearly, it’s genetic.

Until our next LosCon adventure…

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