Insidious Poster (Free!!!) and Beaumont DVD signing at Dark Delicacies March 26, 2011

What a fun day at Dark Del’s! First was a free (awesome!) Insidious movie poster signed by some of the cast, the director James Wan and the to-die-for (no really) cute young actor Ty Simpkins. What a sweet little face and personality, I cannot believe this is the same scary kid in the film! Oy! Here he is signing each poster with a star and his thank you note to Del and Sue. Squeeeee!

Thank you note to Del and Sue

Immediately following was the Beaumont DVD signing for the release of the documentary film Charles Beaumont: The Short Life of Twilight Zone’s Magic Man. Director and producers Jason and Sunni Brock were joined by some of the writers and participants. This DVD explores the tragically short life and career of the talented fantasy writer Charles Beaumont. Among other accomplishments, Beaumont is remembered as one of the major writers of classic Twilight Zone episodes including “The Howling Man”, “Printer’s Devil” and “Miniature”.

Documentarians Jason and Sunni Brock say hello to Bill.
Bill greets Jason and Sunni Brock

Dennis Etchison and Bill Nolan
Bill Nolan and Dennis Etchison

George Clayton Johnson and Marc Scott Zicree author of The Twilight Zone Companion
George Clayton Johnson

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Until our next insidious twilight adventure…

For signed copies of books and DVD’s, drop Bill an email.

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