Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle) signing at the Golden Apple October 24, 2011

Golden Apple signing

Nathan Fillion at the Golden Apple

Captian Tight Pants? Ah, yes, but it seems Nathan Fillion has an even larger following now as Richard Castle “author”. When we arrived at the Golden Apple, there was a huge crowd of fans lined up waiting for the chance to meet him. So, we’re all standing in a long line, outside, in the cold, waiting, when suddenly we heard a loud whistle… The hell? Who is that loud obnoxious person? We all turned around to see and it was Mr. Fillion himself! He’s all… Hey! Let’s get this going! And OMG all the girls in the line started screaming… I mean, like Beatles concert screaming. It was pretty funny.

Nathan Fillion whistles and calls out to fans in line at Golden Apple

So when Bill and I got inside, I teased him a little, about the whole, “making girls scream” thing. Nathan just grinned at me! It was fun… but we had more stuff than was allowed for a first time through the line, so we immediately hurried back outside and got in line again, and waited, and waited, but finally the Golden Apple staff came out and said sorry folks, we’re cutting it off. We were bumbed, but then they gave us Nathan Fillion photos… SIGNED! Awesome consolation prize!

If you want signed product, just drop Bill an email!

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Until the next time we storm the castle…

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