Josh Gates of Destination Truth and Ghost Hunters book signing November 6, 2011

Josh Gates signs his new book

Yep, you read that right! Josh Gates, that bad ass monster hunt’n adventure man from Destination Truth and the host of the Ghost Hunters live Halloween specials for the past few years is now, also, an author. I actually heard about this signing on the Jason Hawes/TAPS Facebook page so Bill and I packed our DVD’s, drove down to Huntington Beach to buy a couple books and meet him. (I’m a big fan of both shows). When we arrived, we learned they had sold out of books, like hours ago. Dude! Bill jumped on the phone and called several bookstores in the area and found one that had a few (yay) so they held them for us as we stepped out of the long (very slow!) line, drove to the other store, grabbed the books, raced back and stood in line A-gain. Whew! Made it!

Josh Gates new book Destination Truth

And Mr. Gates? Extremely nice man. He took pictures with everyone and signed everything his fans brought for him. We had him sign Ghost Hunter DVD’s, Destination Truth DVD’s and of course his new book. It was worth it, even if a little nerve wracking, to chase down some of his books… if you’d like a signed copy drop Bill an email. But the DVD’s are mine, Baby!

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Until our next monster hunting adventure…

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