John Skipps “Demons” signing at Dark Delicacies November 13, 2011

Laura Lee Bahr and John Skipp
Editor John Skipp signing Demons

Bestselling horror legend John Skipp has released an epic 632-page anthology entitled DEMONS: Encounters With the Devil and his Minions, Fallen Angels, and the Possessed. “And if you think the title is long,” says Skipp, “you should see the table of contents!”

This collection of bone-chilling tales explores demons in their myriad forms: from spirit possession of the human soul to fallen angels, to the devil. Ranging from certified classics to certifiable classics-in-the-making, each story wreaks havoc. Skipp provides fascinating and absurdly keen insights in two essays that examine the history and details of demon lore, as well as its role in pop culture. Resources at the end of the book include lists of the best long-form fiction, movies, websites and writers.

With the release of such a devilish anthology, naturally Del and Sue of Dark Delicacies hosted a signing with editor John Skipp along with authors Laura Lee Bahr, Cody Goodfellow, R. C. Matheson, Zak Jarvis, David J. Schow and Mercedes M. Yardley. As always, Bill and I had a great time. We had just met Mercedes at World Fantasy and it was awesome to see her again so soon!

Mercedes M. Yardley and Cody Goodfellow
Mercedes M. Tardley and xx

R. C. Matheson and David J. Schow
RC and XX

(Scroll down for the entire table of contents*)

Click here to see all the photos from the Demons signing…

Until our next demonic adventure…

*The stories: CHERUB – Adam-Troy Castro, THE DEVIL – Guy de Maupassant; THE BOOK – Margaret Irwin; THE MONKEY’S PAW – W.W. Jacobs; THE HOUND – H.P. Lovecraft; THE BLACK CAT – Edgar Allen Poe; THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER – Stephen Vincent Benet; NELLTHU – Anthony Boucher; THE HOWLING MAN – Charles Beaumont; THE EXORCIST (excerpt) – William Peter Blatty; HELL – Richard Christian Matheson; EMPATHY – John Skipp; VISITATION – David J. Schow; BEST FRIENDS – Robert R. McCammon; INTO WHOSE HANDS – Karl Edward Wagner; PILGRIMS TO THE CATHEDRAL – Mark Arnold; THE BESPELLED – Kim Harrison; NON QUIS, SED QUID – Maggie Stiefvater; DEMON GIRL – Athena Villaverde; HE WAITS – K.H. Koehler; HAPPY HOUR – Laura Lee Bahr; STAYING THE NIGHT – Amelia Beamer; DAISIES AND DEMONS – Mercedes M. Yardley; AND LOVE SHALL HAVE NO DOMINION – Livia Llewellyn; MOM – Bentley Little; 20TH LEVEL CHAOTIC EVIL ROGUE SEEKS WHOLE WIDE WORLD TO CONQUER – Weston Ochse; CONSUELA HATES A VACUUM – Cody Goodfellow; OUR BLOOD IN ITS BLIND CIRCUIT – J. David Osborne; EMPTY CHURCH – James Steele; ANGELOLOGY (excerpt) –Danielle Trussoni; THE CODA OF SOLOMON – Nick Mamatas; THE LAW OF RESONANCE – Zak Jarvis; STUPID F**KING REASON TO SELL YOUR SOUL – Carlton Mellick III; HALT AND CATCH FIRE – Violet LeVoit; SCARS IN PROGRESS – Brian Hodge; THE UNICORN HUNTER – Alethea Kontis; OTHER PEOPLE – Neil Gaiman

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