Skeleton Warriors & Captain Power DVD’s signing at Dark Delicacies December 9, 2011

Awesome Dark Delicacies owners Del and Sue hosted this “powerful” DVD signing.

Skeleton Warriors & Captain Power signing at Dark Delicacies

Right to left: Larry DiTillio, J Michael Straczynski, Tim Dunigan, Robert DeLapp, Ted King, Forbes Candlish, Gary Guttman, plus several writers from the Skeleton Warriors series: unk woman, Dean Stefan, Julia and Eric Lewald; seated right to left: Eric Carnagey and Roger Lay Jr.

After 20 Years, cast and crew reunite to celebrate the releases of Captain Power and The Soldiers of the Future 4-DVD Set Complete With Out of the Ashes: The Making of Captain Power, Special DVD Documentary and the release of The Skeleton Warriors 2-DVD set complete with special features.

Tim Dunigan (Captain Jonathan Power), Jessica Steen (Jennifer Chase), J Michael Straczynski (Head Writer, “Captain Power”) Larry DiTillio (Writer, “Captain Power”), Marc Scott Zicree (Writer/Developer, “Captain Power”), Robert DeLapp (Special Effects, “Captain Power”), Gary Guttman (Composer, “Captain Power”), Ted King (Sound Design Producer, “Captain Power”) Roger Lay, Jr. (DVD Producer, “Captain Power” & “Skeleton Warriors”), Julia Lewald (Head Writer/Story Editor, “Skeleton Warriors”), Eric Lewald (Writer, “Skeleton Warriors”), Luc Mayrand (Production Designer “Skeleton Warriors”/Concept Artist and Power Suits Technician, “Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future”), and Dean Stefan (Writer, “Skeleton Warriors”).

Back in 1987-88, Captain Power and The Soldiers of the Future was the first TV series to integrate live action, CGI and interactive effects. Skeleton Warriors, which ran for 13 episodes as part of CBS Saturday morning line up, follows the struggle of Prince Lightstar and The Legion of Light, defenders of the planet Luminaire from the ghastly Baron Dark and his eee-vil Skeleton Warriors… buh-wha-ha-ha!

Larry DiTillio (Writer, “Captain Power”) and J Michael Straczynski (Head Writer, “Captain Power”)
DiTillio and Straczynski

Tim Dunigan “Captain Jonathan Power”

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Until our next power warrior adventure…

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