Anne Rice signing February 17, 2012

Anne Rice signing at The Grove
Christopher Rice and Anne Rice
Anne Rice and Christopher Rice

It was a cold and windy night… well, it was. Bill and I raced home from work, inhaled dinner, put Walter to bed, jumped in the faithful green pathfinder and headed to The Grove to see Anne Rice, well known for her famous novel “Interview with the Vampire” on which the 1994 film featuring hot vamps Tom Cruise and Brad Pit was based. Not only was there a huge fan turnout, but a book hunter turnout as well. We got our tickets then hung out, away from the crowd, so we could be last in line (cuz book hunters have way more books than “normal” fans). Like a mini book hunter reunion. Friends, books, lattes… it rocked.

Anne’s son, author Christopher Rice was by her side. This event was to promote her newest book, The Wolf Gift, but fans bought and brought all of her novels. It was a long and winding line, but worth the wait. The Barnes and Nobel staff did a great job with crowd control. Below is the “end” of the line, which was down on the 2nd floor, with a group at a time going up to join the “Disneyland style” twisting line on the 3rd floor. It’s amazing how many people can be squeezed in between book shelves! Oy vey! There was some serious “guard-age” too. I mean like, men in dark suits, watching the fans like hawks, escorting Ms. Rice to the ladies room… Yikes.

Anne Rice line

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Until our next vampire interview…

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