Nathan Long signing at Bookfellows
March 11, 2012

Nathan Long signing at Bookfellows

Nathan Long is known for his Warhammer (game) novels but with John Carter of Mars hitting the cinemas, the time is ripe for Jane Carver of Waar! Bookfellows aka Mystery and Imagination hosted Mr. Long’s signing last weekend (there were cookies)!

This was fun for Bill since he’s known Nathan for many years. We hung out with him at the World Fantasy Convention a few months ago, where we remembered good ‘ol times… like the BEA where Nathan was attacked by a toucan. Seriously. I saw the battle wounds. Could it have been a female toucan and Mr. Long was emitting tantalizing pheromones? We’ll never know, but the large colorful bird, who was promoting pet manuals in a booth across from Nathan’s, suddenly flew right at him, cutting his face. The poor bird was like, enough of this book expo and thousands of people… freaking take me home! Well, after the bleeding part was over, Nathan had a sense of humor about it. So did his publishers, who referred to him as “Toucan Slayer” for a while (Really? Who slayed who?).

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Nathan Long signs Bill's books

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Until our next warrior adventure…

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