Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Amber Benson signing at Dark Delicacies March 24, 2012

Del and Sue of Dark Delicacies hosted another great signing in the Home of Horror. Bill was excited that Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Amber Benson signed their latest books, and gave me a chance to go shaw-PING! Buh-wa-ha-ah!

And since it was the day before the Vintage Paperback Show (see next blog) there were other writers lurking in the shadows! Here is Chelsea Quinn Yarbro with Mr. William F. Nolan.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and William Nolan

The sweet and lovely Amber Benson
Amber Benson

And look who else dropped by… DUDE it was a par-tay at Dark Del’s that day!

Bill with Sunni Brock, Jason V. Brock, Dennis Etchison & Bill Nolan
Sunni Brock, Jason V Brock, Dennis Etchison, Bill Nolan

And the cutest drop in… Dennis’ puppy…
Dennis's doggie

As always Dark Del’s has fun, trendy horror and Gothic clothing, accessories, toys, sexy scented oil, kitchen wares, kid stuff, and of course, tons of books and DVD’s. Not to mention, you get a chance to rub elbows with actor and writer Del Howison. :)

Click here to see all the pix from this signing…

Until the next horrific adventure…

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