33rd Annual Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Collectors Show March 25, 2012

Paperback Show 2012

These paperback shows are just major FUN! Many local authors make their annual appearance, but several “out of towners” rolled in from the woodwork this year as well. Par-tay! It was POURING rain but we all managed to keep our books dry with umbrellas, plastic bags, and dashing back and forth. A lot.

John King Tarpinian (aka Author Wrangler) did an awesome job of organizing tables and signing areas in the sort of strangely laid out space we get for this show. Bill and I had dropped by the evening before and he was running around working hard to get things ready for the next morning (and the tables had not arrived at that point! Yikes!). John is a hard worker, knows how to run book events, and is fair to people when managing signing lines and dealing with crowds. And he’s a fun guy! I was glad to hear that “the powers that be” chose him to help the past two years. Watch out John, people have figured out that you can DO stuff… WELL. Dude, it’s all over!

Bill Nolan and George Clayton Johnson
Bill Nolan and George Clayton Johnson

Tim Powers and James Blaylock
Tim Powers and James Blaylock

Jason V and Sunni Brock signing their new book The Devil’s Coattails
Jason V and Sunni Brock

Speaking of the aforementioned “out of towners”, we were thrilled that Tim and Serena Powers attended the show again this year as well as Bill Nolan, Jason and Sunni Brock. It was book reunion overload! (Which started the day before at Dark Del’s). It’s difficult to spend quality time with everyone in the short window but we were able to share a meal or two with friends, and to my delight, Jason and Sunni (Walter’s “God Parents”) got a quick chance to meet him. Or as John DeChancie phrased it… asking, “Wait, aren’t the Brock’s atheists?” (Yes) “Well, then, aren’t they Walter’s “God-less Parents?” Heh heh. True.

We got a big kick out of watching Serena Powers receive her special gift. Like last year, she got so excited she started jumping up and down. And weeping. So this year I was quick to offer her a chair. Except, instead of sitting down, she danced on it. Sigh.

Dennis Etchison
Dennis Etchison

Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle (left)
Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

Mr. Powers checking out Jason & Sunni Brock’s new book
Mr. Powers checking out Jason & Sunni's book

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Until our next vintage adventure…

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