Joe R and Kasey Lansdale at Dark Delicacies March 26, 2012

Kasey and Joe R Lansdale

Horror writer Joe R. Lansdale, and his daughter, Kasey Lansdale, paired up like the dynamic duo, entertaining their fans with their diverse talents at the Home of Horror… Dark Delicacies. Mr. Lansdale naturally accomplished this feat by reading from his latest novel, Edge of Dark Water, while beautiful Kasey sang a few country tunes. We don’t usually enjoy live music when we go to book signings, but then, anything can and does happen at Dark Del’s!

Joe R. Lansdale reading
Kasey Lansdale ready to sing

Del gives me serious hair envy any day but wow, look at Kacey and Del together… I’m in awe stuck hair heaven. O.O

Kasey & Del

And there’s the shopping… clothing, accessories, toys, sexy scented oil, kitchen wares, kid stuff, and of course, tons of books and DVD’s.

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Until the next country horror adventure…

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