Peter Lerangis signing in Huntington Beach
April 17, 2012

Peter Lerangis signs our 39 Clue box set

YAY! I finally got to meet Peter Lerangis, my Facebook friend! Because of our “other blog”, which reviews young adult multimedia books, I’ve gotten pretty familiar with The 39 Clues website and adventure books. So much fun! Mr. Lerangis is not only one of the original 39 Clues authors, but is continuing with the next series of books The Cahills vs The Vespers (hint: Vespers are major bad guys).

Peter Lerangis answering questions from his fans

A lively speaker, he has a wonderful connection with his kid fans, telling silly jokes but also teaching them what it’s really like to be a writer. One special fan made him a sign – out of little chocolate bars! Cute – that photo was posted on Facebook faster than he could eat the chocolate. We had a blast!

Peter Lerangis receives a chocolate bar sign

The 39 Clues is a big deal in the Scholastic world of independent readers, but I love, love, love his Watcher series, which are imaginative, and a little unsettling (!!) science fiction stories. He also wrote the Spy X books, in which a brother and sister receive secret messages from their spy mom, who has gone into hiding. Clearly, he was destined to be on The 39 Clues team.

I had a large (eh-hem) pile of books for him to sign, some shiny and new, some out of print, so we waited until the end. He was so generous and cheerfully signed everything for us! Hey, he’s not in Los Angeles that often. :)

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Until the next spy watching adventure…

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