Michael Scott Author of The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series signing at Vromans June 6, 2012

Michael Scott speaking

When Bill and I arrived at Vroman’s to see Michael Scott, Author of The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series, we were surprised. The large upstairs room was packed with people lining the walls. Wow has his popularity grown from a few short years ago when we saw him in Long Beach.

Michael Scott is an authority on folklore and mythology. When we saw him in 2009, he explained that even though America is a relatively new country, here can be found some of the oldest folklore in the world. Why? Well, because of a combination of immigration and preservation. Villages in Ireland were almost wiped out by disease, and some of the oldest folklore that no longer exists in Ireland is preserved with the Irish who survived here in the States. The same is true for other nations. He drew interesting comparisons between folklore from different cultures, pointing out how they are exactly the same story but influenced with the flavor of each country. Like the tales where children are turned into animals, then back into humans. In China they became dragons, in Europe they became swans, in Africa they became wild hogs, etc. Scott travels extensively, evident by his detailed descriptions in the series.

His enchanting, globally popular young adult series incorporates characters which are based on real people. For example, Nicholas Flamel was a real alchemist who lived in Paris (like, hundreds of years ago). Now, the “immortal part” is where the best selling Irish author takes that large leap into fantasy with this outrageously fun story. Flamel and his wife, sorceress Perenelle Flamel, race against time to save our world from the (evil?) plans of Dr. John Dee, Machiavelli and the Dark Elders with the help of other immortals (such as Joan of Arc!). This signing celebrated the release of The Enchantress, book six in the series.

Michael Scott

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