Comic Con International 2012

Trolls display at Hobbit exhibit

As some of you know, Bill has been a vendor at Comic Con for over 30 years now. Every year he makes a tuff decision, should I do this again one more year? It’s a whole lot of hard work, and time, and Comic Con doesn’t exactly cater to the small vendors anymore since the show has become such a huge media event. But we did reserve our booth for next year, so we will put forth the effort at least one more time. Once we are down in San Diego with our loaded cargo van, the forklift drivers have hauled our product inside on wooden pallets, and the booth is finally set up, we remember all the wonderful benefits of being a vendor… the good friends we see, the new friends we meet, the awesome customers we have, the great signings, and the overwhelming mind-blowing phenomenon that is Comic Con International.

We had our same great neighbors again, Things from Another World and Girls Drawin Girls. It makes a huge difference when you have neighbors who will watch your back and lend a helping hand. We heart them! And as per usual, a big thanks goes to our BFF’s Dan and Amy who bust their tails helping us set up and break down. This year, we also had their roommate Mike helping out. Of course we ended up at Joe’s Crab Shack and I ended up downing a “shark bite“. Yeah baby.

Ironman display
Fox booth
Hulk display

Oh – this is funny. The Ralph’s down the street gets hit hard every year… basically their deli food, not to mention the chips, soda and candy isles are picked clean. This year, they set “con food” outside for easy access. Hilarious.


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Until our next epic comic adventure…

Just for laughs… here’s something the average Comic Con attendee will never see…
Comic Con before open to the public

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