Kevin Anderson and Rebecca Moesta at Dark Delicacies November 18, 2012

Anderson, Moesta and Wu

What a pretty pair! Kevin Anderson, author of many exciting novels such as continuing the Dune series with Brian Herbert, and his lovely wife Rebecca Moesta, science fiction author, together for a book signing at one of our favorite hang outs, Dark Delicacies. Recently a friend of ours saw a Facebook check in that we were at Dark Del’s, and she asked (innocently), oooo is that a chocolate shop? :) Um, well, noooo, but I’m sure they would be happy to sell dark chocolate bats and other sweet delicacies. Heh heh….

Anderson and Moesta signing

This signing was promoting Mr. Anderson’s two newest books, Death Warmed Over with Dan Shamble, Zombie PI, and Clockwork Angels, an unprecedented collaboration with the Canadian rock band Rush. Wait, a novel and an album? The newest Rush album, Clockwork Angels is a story in Neil Peart’s lyrics which has been expanded into Mr. Anderson’s steampunk novel with carnivals, anarchists, alchemy, pirates, and a watchmaker. Yep, it’s fair to say the Kevin Anderson is a major Rush fan.

Until our next delicate adventure…

Del Howison of Dark Del’s
Del of Dark Del's

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