Dr. Phibes event at Dark Delicacies
December 1, 2012

William Goldstein signing copies of his latest book, Dr. Phibes – In the Beginning and Justin Humphreys signing Little Shoppe of Horrors – Dr. Phibes edition

After decades, a new Dr. Phibes novel by William Goldstein:
HE’S BACK! This is the story you’ve all been waiting for and why you continue to show such strong loyalty. ‘Dr. Phibes – In The Beginning’ tells the origins of the phantom-phantastic and exactly how he became who he is, of the enigmatic Vulnavia and those wonderful and wondrous ‘Clockwork Wizards’, and what the good doctor is doing right now, as well as providing a crucial clue as to where he will appear next. ‘Dr. Phibes – In The Beginning’ is simultaneously and stunningly both a classic love story that has been tempered by horrific tragedy as well as a classic horror story borne from that ultimate of all human emotions. (Amazon)

The Abominable Dr. Phibes is a 1971 horror film starring Vincent Price as Dr. Anton Phibes. William Goldstein, creator of the character and author of the three Dr. Phibes novels, wrote the original screenplay for the film with James Whiton. In the sequel, Dr. Phibes Rises Again, the story picks up 3 years after the ending of the first film. But what Phibes Phans really want to know is… will Depp and Burton rise again with ‘Dr. Phibes’?

Bill and I were not privy to this “private conversation”, but Sue emphatically encouraged Mr. Goldstein’s son to, I dunno, “make it happen Dude” (er, or something like that). And Del seemed to almost kinda sorta agree. ;)
Full on encouragement from Sue

The enthusiastic owners of Dark Delicacies, the home of horror, flaunted their haunted holiday best for us shoppers. In addition to their exotic array of sexy scented oils, toys, handbags, wallets, toiletries, spooky housewares, kids’ stuff, DVDs, and mucho clothing for the horror fans, the sparkly black Christmas tree was on display for the shopping season.

Dark Del's holiday tree

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Until our next shopping adventure…

Dark Del’s frequently turns over some über-trendy displays in the store window area. Check out the ginormous wall sized movie poster!
Frankenweenie poster

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