LosCon 38 November 25-27, 2011

William G Wu, Peggy Wu and William F Wu
William G Wu, Peggy Wu and
William F Wu

LosCon 2011 dealers room

Anutter LosCon… I’ve been attending LosCons, the annual science fiction and fantasy convention put on by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS), since the early 1980’s. Bill since the 90’s. Some years, I go all out… stay in the hotel, hang out all weekend enjoying the programing. But this year we met up with friends and did a lot of eating… OUT. :) I didn’t take a lot of pix, but we had a really great time! As usual, Bill hung out with Ken Estes in the hotel lobby, entertaining our friends with magic.

Our friend Simon Drake bascially turned his hotel room into a mini steampunk store with his jewelry, belts, boots, hats & jackets… Check out this wicked prop he made!

Steampunk prop gun

Hanging out at LosCon
Mitch, Ken, Simon Drake & Bill just hanging out at LosCon

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Until our next sci-fi/fantasy adventure…

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