Tony DiTerlizzi signing in Santa Monica
May 8, 2012

Tony DiTerlizzi reads Where the Wild Things Are

This dramatic pose of Tony DiTerlizzi reading “Where the Wild Things Are” has more meaning when you realize it occurred on May 8, 2012… the day Maurice Sendak passed away. :( Mr. DiTerlizzi was already scheduled to speak and sign books in Santa Monica. But when he first stepped in front of the crowd, he said nothing, jumped up on the desk, opened the book, and read it to us. When I made the connection, I started to cry. Just beautiful.

Tony DiTerlizzi

When Tony finished the story, he hopped down and launched into his delightfully entertaining talk, drawing along with his hilarious stories, creating little contests to see who wins said drawings, and all around making everyone happy before signing many books for us. He announced… I’LL SIGN ANYTHING! Oh yeah, Baby, music to our ears! :)

Tony DiTerlizzi signs Bill's books

This signing was a debut for A Hero for Wondla. I LOVED book one The Search for Wondla… Click here and check it out. Okay okay I’m a big ‘ol slobbering DiTerlizzi fan… luv Spiderwick, luv Kenny and the Dragon, Spider and the Fly, luv them ALL. He rox. He “gets it”.

Click here to see all the pix of Mr. DiTerlizzi… we took many of him reading “Where the Wild Things Are!”

Until our next wild wonderland adventure…

Tony and Maurice

Maurice Sendak

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